Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do you hold markets?

A: At least once a month, sometimes two!

Q: Where are your markets located

A: During the cold months, we typically hold our pop-up markets at Forage in downtown EC, or The Brewing Projekt located in the Canary District. During the summer, our markets are under the pavilion in Phoenix Park.


The Brewing Projekt 

Phoenix Park 

Q: Who should apply?

A: ANYONE! If you create original work and are excited about selling your work alongside other markers, the EC Makers’ Market is for you! We take pride in catering to young makers, the LGBTQ+ and bipoc community, and those who might have never sold their work at a market before.

Q: What do I need to bring as a vendor?

A: This is our most frequently asked question. So much so that we created a whole document listing market must haves:

Market Must Haves 

Q: What does your selection process look like? 

A: We typically give priority acceptance to new makers. If you have never worked with us before, expect to be accepted for your first market! If you don’t make it into a market, do not fret! We try our very best to accept all applicants, but due to limited space, we do have to turn some away. If you are not accepted into a market, you will most likely be accepted into the next. Please reach out if you have limited availability, as we can be flexible!

Q: When do applications close?

A: Our applications close about a month before the market date. You will be notified of acceptance or denial about a day after the application closes

Q: What does it mean to be a featured artist?

A: Featured artists are our way of promoting our vendors for free! Every month, a new artist is highlighted. The public will get a chance to learn more about the artist, find ways to support and purchase their work, and participate in giveaways.

Q: How do I become a featured artist?

A: You can find our applications located on our website under the “Featured Artists” page. We require that you attend at least three of our markets before submitting your application.